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The Airman Heritage Foundation appreciates each contribution. We believe that the best contributor is one who understands the mission and focus of our organization towards this effort. Your support makes it possible for the USAF Airman Heritage Museum to become an 80,000 square feet world class reality, to help support its long term care and preservation of a historic Airman's collection. Your donations also help to carry out our mission of preserving and interpreting the American Airman. We hope through our unique giving opportunities, you will find a donation that best fits your goals.

By making a monetary contribution to USAF Airman Heritage Museum, you help make an immediate difference in the creation of this institution on Lackland Air Force Base; where all enlisted Airman start their careers. Approximately $.97 of every dollar you give goes directly to our program initiatives and helps Airmen throughout the United States and overseas develop the courage, confidence, and character to make the world a better place.

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