2014 President’s Report

The Foundation held its first annual Airman Heritage Golf Tournament in March at the Silverhorn Golf Club.  The event was a resounding success with 144 players participating and sharing a great deal of Airmen camaraderie.   The event generated over $30,000 in net profit.  We thank Lockheed Martin Corporation, our title sponsor, and all other contributors and participants for their incredible support and belief in our noble cause.    
Earlier this year, we received notification from the Secretary of the Air Force that the position of Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF) has been officially designated as the Air Force Liaison to the Airman Heritage Foundation.  As such, the incumbent will serve in an advisory capacity to the Foundation, serving and promoting the interests of the Air Force.  We look forward to a continued superb working relationship with the current CMSAF, CMSgt Jim Cody, and all those that will follow him in that prestigious and critical leadership position.  
Other exciting news came from the office of the Commander of the Air Education and Training Command (AETC), General Robin Rand.  Effective 1 October this year, the USAF Airman Heritage Museum became an AETC Operating Location, under the supervision of the Command’s History Office.  Operations and maintenance of the museum will remain a function assigned to the 37 Training Wing.  Additional manning and funding sources come with the reporting change.  This action is indicative of the increase emphasis the Command and the Air Force are attaching to the significant role heritage plays in building character and loyalty to the military service’s core values. 
At the August Board of Directors meeting, members approved the acceptance of responsibility for the maintenance of the Military Working Dog Teams National Monument at JBSA-Lackland.  As a result, the Foundation will receive from the dissolving founding organization earmarked funds for this purpose and access to critical entities and potential major donors for the new museum.  The monument is already an integral part of the Airman Heritage Campus at Lackland and, in of itself, a bona fide outdoor exhibit for the proposed museum.  
Most recently, the Foundation participated in the Air Force Sergeants Association’s Professional Airmen Conference, in Jacksonville, Florida.  Here, for the first time, and at the invitation of the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, we were able to address all the Command Chief Master Sergeants in the Air Force, as well as the First Sergeants Council, thus establishing common grounds for collaboration.  Another first at this conference was the partnerships established with a number of AFSA chapters, who will be mailing our brochures with their newsletters to their members and incorporating our website link into their own website.  
Our Special Employee Group (SEG) partnership with the Air Force Federal Credit Union has continued to produce unimaginable membership levels.  As of this date, this special program has generated over 3,500 members for the Foundation, since its inception two years ago, amounting to over $85,000 in dues.
This year, we were quite successful in the aggressive pursuit of relationships with State, city and county leaders.  Speaker of the Texas State House of Representatives Joe Straus, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, Commissioner Kevin Wolff, Councilmen Rey Saldaña and Ray Lopez, have all endorsed our noble cause and have pledge their support going forward.  Councilman Saldaña - sponsored of legislation to approve and fund the Lackland AFB Corridor Master Plan, beautifying and enhancing vehicular and pedestrian approaches to the base – has expressed his desire to incorporate our project into his city council initiative, creating the potential for associated funding opportunities.  
We have kicked off with a big bang our planning efforts for next year’s Airman Heritage Golf Tournament, scheduled for 7 March, at Silverhorn Golf Club, here in San Antonio.  Three major contributors for last year’s event have doubled their pledges, putting us on track for an even more profitable tournament in 2015.  

Timmothy M Dickens, CMSgt, USAF (Ret.)