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Welcome to the site of the Airman Heritage Foundation, dedicated to the proud heritage and service of American Airmen and support of the USAF Airman Heritage Museum.

The Mission of the Airman Heritage Foundation is to support the USAF Airman Heritage Museum, Enlisted Character Development Center and other heritage-related activities in preserving and honoring the history and heritage of enlisted airmen.

Our Vision is to build a new (USAF Airman Heritage Museum) state of the art, learning, resource, and developmental facility that will preserve and display the proud heritage, countless sacrifices, and significant achievements of enlisted airmen and be a source of education about their rich history.




Our Contributing Chief Master Sergeants have a belief in the heritage of the American Airmen and devotion to the development and mentoring of airmen during their enlisted journey. You can browse the list of Contributing Chiefs below. These special individuals are listed on this site as a "thank you" for their leadership and support of the USAF Airman Heritage Museum.

To become a Contributing Chief: join the Airman Heritage Foundation; purchase a paver; or make a donation to the building of the new USAF Airman Heritage Museum facility.

To view a listing of the Chiefs that proudly support the museum, click here .

To view the Airman's Creed, click here .